For All My Supporters…

OMG! I fucking LOVE you guys! I come back from school today and I check my email, and do you know what I find? FORTY-SEVEN emails! And this is the email that I created especially for and All of the emails are from! Most of them were emails telling me about people who subscribed and alerted for me, I think maybe ten of them were reviews, and one was a PM. The only thing that I’ve gotta say is that if you have enough time to subscribe and alert, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE drop me a review, mm’kay? You have no idea how much reviews brighten my day, and for my first chapter to only have ten reviews compared to the multitudes of people who subscribed and alerted… kinda makes me worry about my writing. Reviews, are, essentially, feedback, and without feedback, I don’t know how or whether to improve my writing. This note will also be attached to my next chapter of This One’s For Keeps. Please note that NO, this story is most definitely NOT DONE.

~ Sabrina, out



About neverseennobodylikeme

No personal info is going on here, but just a btdubs... here's a personal blog about a young girl's life and struggles. Sometimes it'll be weird, sometime's it'll be sad, but sometimes it'll be amazing. ... Any FanFiction or FictionPress people looking for me here? 'Cause this is the right sight for FanFiction and FictionPress user Multi-Talented Girl. You know, I've gotta change that username... I created it when I was ten :) Ah, good memories...
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