Two Updates in a Day…

Two updates in one day for Out Of the Ordinary: A Oneshot Collection! Nice going, Sabrina. Well, I was recently on a cruise to the Caribbean, so I wasn’t able to update. By the way, the Caribbean was amazing, and so was the Celebrity Millenium, the cruise ship I was on.

Extremely short post today, but I’ve gotta go, so see ya later.



About neverseennobodylikeme

No personal info is going on here, but just a btdubs... here's a personal blog about a young girl's life and struggles. Sometimes it'll be weird, sometime's it'll be sad, but sometimes it'll be amazing. ... Any FanFiction or FictionPress people looking for me here? 'Cause this is the right sight for FanFiction and FictionPress user Multi-Talented Girl. You know, I've gotta change that username... I created it when I was ten :) Ah, good memories...
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