Alaska (We’re Going to Be So Loud and Obnoxious)

So I’m going on a cruise to Alaska starting on July 1st, and I won’t be back until the 8th, so I won’t be updating for a week. I’m going with 30+ of my dad’s college friends and their families, so we’re going to be so loud and obnoxious. 

Anyways, I’m pretty excited, but I’ve still got lots more packing to get to, so bye for now!

Much love,


About neverseennobodylikeme

No personal info is going on here, but just a btdubs... here's a personal blog about a young girl's life and struggles. Sometimes it'll be weird, sometime's it'll be sad, but sometimes it'll be amazing. ... Any FanFiction or FictionPress people looking for me here? 'Cause this is the right sight for FanFiction and FictionPress user Multi-Talented Girl. You know, I've gotta change that username... I created it when I was ten :) Ah, good memories...
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