So I’ve Been MIA….

… for a long time, huh? And you don’t understand just how sorry I am for that. Most of my stories have not been updated in months, and the last time I actually wrote something was probably November.

But don’t give up on me yet; I do have my reasons, and I’m going to be very honest with you about them. First off, let me just say that I’m 14 and in the 8th grade, so next year is my freshman year in high school. My family and I decided to start looking into private schools around November, months behind other families. Suffice to say, we were late, and my parents weren’t very supportive, either. They wanted me to send in applications for private schools, but they didn’t help at all, not until we had a giant argument/fight that led to them actually trying to help me… yay?

Anyways, I was scheduled to take the SSATs (the test you take for private schools; kind of like the SAT for colleges, only for, as I’ve said, private schools) in January, but I was afraid my scores wouldn’t come back in time for the applications (most deadlines are January 15th through February 1st). The only other test date was December 8th, but when I decided to take the SSAT, December 8th was only a week away.

So, with under a week to prepare for a 3-hour test that most people spend months preparing for, I went and took the SSAT. It was my first time taking it, whereas some of my friends who were taking it with me had already taken it once before. I didn’t have such high hopes for myself, and I was scheduled to take it again in January, anyway.

No pressure, right? Well, I got my scores back a week and a half later, and I almost died.

I spent just under a week preparing, and I scORED IN THE 97TH PERCENTILE. Jesus fucking christ, I’m fabulous. So yeah, I was ecstatic, and we canceled my January test date.

With those scores, I could actually get a fellowship or a scholarship or something, but our family income is way too high for schools to even consider giving me a scholarship… ah well, whatever.

After that, I rushed to get teacher recommendation forms and such in, and I’m still rushing. There are essays, short answers, and other forms to fill out for each and every school, and I’m kind of way in over my head.

With all the chaos, I didn’t even have time to think about writing, and what with holidays, family, friends, and school, I really couldn’t find the time to sit down and write something.

It’s winter break now, though, so I’ll probably get around to updating some stories. I hope you guys haven’t all but given up on me 🙂

OH AND I GOT PITCH PERFECT ON DVD THE DAY IT CAME OUT and the bonus features are amazing…. omfg i choked it was so funny

Yeah, I saw the movie in theaters a couple times… I’m a little obsessed, but it’s so deserving of obsession, really.



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